About Us

About Us and Ayun Mapu (“Land of Love”)


We are naturopathic and homeopathic doctors and authors of nine books (www.healthyhomeopathy.com ) and just celebrated our 28th anniversary. We love hiking, being out in natural beauty, adventure travel, kayaking, organic gardening, yoga, eating and cooking naturally, and leading The Dances of Universal Peace.

In 2005 we embarked on a kayaking trip to Pumalin Park in Chilean Patagonia and ended our trip in Pucon. Although we had no previous intention of buying land in Chile, a series of serendipitous events took place that we could not ignore.

We returned to our home on Whidbey Island, Washington in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. with a collection of gorgeous photos, and promised each other not even to mention the idea of living in Chile for at least two weeks!

Two months later, back in Pucon, we began looking seriously for land. After checking out 50+ parcelas and experiencing another series of synchronous events, we were shown the breathtaking, magical hilltop property which we later named Ayun Mapu. We decided right then and there to buy it, and signed papers later that day, just before flying back to the U.S.!

We built our wonderful, custom, dream home, filled with color, light, and décor from our many travels. Shortly after came the caretaker’s house (for the past 3 ½ years Nelson and Ana Maria have been a godsend). With the help o f a talented local landscape designer, Alvaro, we created a park-like setting.

The view from our home, Gracias a La Vida, is spectacular and everyone who visits tell us it is the best view in Pucon. We never tire of the remarkable vistas and have our camera close at hand.

Five years ago we began spending half the year in our home here, and we bring our three precious golden retrievers with us! We have rented out our home, Gracias a La Vida, since shortly after it was finished. Inspiration and love of beauty led us to build Amor del Lago (Love of the Lake) three years ago. It has been so popular that we are now in the process of creating Romance del Lago (Romance of the Lake).

Back home in the U.S. the rule of thumb for homes and properties is “Location, location, location!” We feel so very fortunate to spend time in one of the most stunningly beautiful and charming places on the planet. We have created homes that are full of color and beauty, offer incomparable, panoramic views, and we have tried to think of everything, as far as amenities, to make you feel at home!

About Pucón

In the heart of southern Chile, the perfect gateway to the paradise of Patagonia, Pucon's stunning natural beauty and adventure opportunities has made it a world class tourist destination.


Situated near the tip of the southern hemisphere, Pucon offers an ideal escape from the freezing cold of Europe and North America as well as breathtakingly beautiful winter sports activities on the magnificent Volcan Villarica.


Be sure to allow at-least a week to enjoy the amazing hiking, kayaking, rafting, horseback riding. Come fish in sparkling lakes and rushing rivers. Soak in the more than twenty natural hot springs in magical mountain and forest settings.


Pucon draws tourists from far and wide, offering fifty-plus restaurants and cafes, seasonal arts and music festivals, a casino with live entertainment, beach activities for visitors of all ages, and an array of shopping opportunities from upscale shops to local artisan and produce markets.


In the Chilean summer months, relax well into the wee hours at the popular sidewalk cafes and restaurants while being entertained by local street musicians, mimes and jugglers.